Incorporated in 1996, JCY Engineering Works & JCY Engineering Sdn Bhd has specialized in design and manufacturing of precision Plastic, Rubber and Die sets, which are supplied to renowned manufacturers of household product, electrical, electronic and automotive parts and etc.

In our plant, we are well equipped with a number of “Computer Numerical Control” (CNC) machine capable of producing medium and large sized of moulds. Our moulds can be used in injection & compression moulding up to 6,000 tonne.

We have a proactive team of CAM & CAD designers (software NX 7.5) who are trained to assist and advise out customer as when as necessary to the actual production of mould making process . To ensure that our products meet the quality products.

We are consistently upgrading our innovation and technology in our area of expertise at JCY Engineering Works & JCY Engineering Sdn Bhd. We are pride ourselves for our achievements and area committed to becoming a leader in the field of Plastic, rubber, stamping and die sets mould manufacturing.

It is the policy of JCY ENGINEERING SDN BHD & J.C.Y ENGINEERING WORKS to produce its optimum best in order to fulfill customer satisfaction. To achieve this, JCY ENGINEERING SDN BHD & J.C.Y ENGINEERING WORKS is committed to the following: -

  1. The quality management system is based on ISO 9001: 2015.
  2. Quality of the materials used for fabrications of any mould, dies & toolings must be consistent and meeting customers requirements.
  3. Machine, tools and equipment used undergo systematic periodical maintenance to minimize breakdown.
  4. Fabricates of any parts will be customized as per individual part requirements.
  5. Our workforce is motivated with effective trainings and discussions with safety as our priority.
  6. We rate safety and cleanliness of working environment as top priority as it conducive to producing high productivity.
  7. We place top priority in extending fast and efficient service to our customer at all times.
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